Internationale Improreihe mit Inspinazie (Leuven, Belgien)

presented by Steife Brise & friends

Die Steife Brise, Hamburgs stärkstes Improtheater, präsentiert ausländische Gäste aus der Improszene. Eine Liaison unter global agierenden Impro-Künstlern lädt das Publikum in einfacher englischer Sprache dazu ein, sich durch internationale Spiele bereichern zu lassen.

Die internationale Impro-Reihe der Steifen Brise im


Should I stay or should I go

Steife Brise feels honoured to present an ensemble to which there has always been a close tie of friendship and appreciation: Inspinazie (Leuven, Belgium)

A man, a woman. Music. This is a story about love. About staying or leaving. Two actors and a musician let themselves be inspired by your ideas, opinions, feelings and the story that wants to be told that night. Your suggestions may lead to an escalation of marriage trouble. To make the story evolve, the actors will separatly gather input. He from (whoever feels) men, she from (whoever feels) women.

All ends with your verdict. Will there be enough love flooding to find each other again?
Or is all lost?

This improvisation format rises gender questions and gives helpful insights into male and female stereotypes. The show does not fear polarisation, but also strives for lightheartedness and better mutual understanding.

Performing: Elke Janssen & Marc Breban
Music: Peter Huber
MC: Nathalie Van Renterghem

Inspinazie exists since more than 25 years and growed from an improvisational theatre group into the Inspinazie Improvisation Theater House with rooms for regular shows, courses (adults and children), workshops, trainings and thematic shows in business, a well known International Improvisation Theater festival, and labs for experiments.


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Belgian Weekend with Inspinazie (Leuven, Belgium)
Nathalie van Renterghem and Elke Janssen

We are happy to have two  great improvisers and teachers from Leuven, Belgium as guests in Hamburg: Nathalie van Renterghem and Elke Janssen. They will give both a workshop and on Saturday Evening they will be part of Steife Brise WORLD Impro acting together with Steife Brise ensemble.

Show and workshops will be in easy English.

Nathalie Van Renterghem Elke Janssen

On Saturday, 12th of January 2019 Nathalie van Renterghem will bring her workshop „Conversations & work on topics  that matter to Hamburg, where she invites her participants (with solid experience in improvisation – Windstärke 3) to explore topics on the impro-stage that usually don’t make it there.

On Sunday, 14th of January 2018 Elke Janssen will teach her workshop „Embracing your Character“ (for improvisers with at least Windstärke 2 experience in improvisation), Where she helps you to really dive into your character, stick with it throughout the scene and gives you some help in transforming from you to someone else.

If you book both workshops on both days the workshop “Conversations & Topics that matter“ (Saturday) and the workshop „Embracing your character“ (Sunday) –  it will cost only 210 euros and we will also invite you to the WORLD Impro show with Inspinazie on Saturday, 12th of January 2019 at the

Sa, 12. Januar 2019 um 20:00 Uhr

Friedensallee 20
22765 Hamburg

Karten unter:
040 - 390 3148