RÅ POWER with Joleen Ballendine and Amy Shostak (Canada)


presented by Steife Brise & friends

Die Steife Brise, Hamburgs stärkstes Improtheater, präsentiert ausländische Gäste aus der Improszene. Eine Liaison unter global agierenden Impro-Künstlern lädt das Publikum in englischer Sprache dazu ein, sich durch internationale Spiele bereichern zu lassen.

Die internationale Impro-Reihe der Steifen Brise im


Rougher. Tougher. Brutally spontaneous. Rå Power is Joleen Ballendine and Amy Shostak; two senior performers from Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton, Canada). Rå Power is all about chasing joy and following the fear. Amy and Joleen will explore an every day action through scenes, songs, and whatever other ways they feel like.

Joleen Ballendine

Joleen Ballentine has been improvising with Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre since 2007. She is the Associate Director of Education and is a senior player performing weekly in Theatresports, Maestro and CHiMPROV (Rapid Fire’s long form show). Some of her notable improv troupes include DotDotDot, Rå Power, and Z-Said. She is also the creator and lead instructor for the At-Risk-Youth Project, and recently started an improv program for kids called The Kidprovisors.

Amy Shostak

Amy Shostak is an improvisor and creator living in Vancouver, Canada. She started improvising with Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre in 2002, and she served as the company’s Artistic Director for six years. In 2015, she was honoured with an Excellence in Artistic Direction Award from the Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts in Edmonton. Amy now spends her time in Vancouver, teaching with Blind Tiger Comedy and Instant Theatre, and performing at Vancouver Theatresports League.

Sa, 7. April 2018 um 20:00 Uhr

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