WHEN AM I ON? – Jim Libby (Wien/Österreich)


When am I on?
From Wallflower to Scene-Stealer and back…

Instructor: Jim Libby

For improvisers with a solid knowledge in improvisation – starting with Windstärke 4
In English and Deutsch

Sunday, 9th of September, 2018
from 10.30 p.m. till 5.30 p.m. (6 hours, including one hour of lunch-break)
Price: 115 euros

If you come from outside of Hamburg, we can help you find affordable accommodation.

When am I on?

Some of us feel best when we are center stage! We come off as strong, witty and present and somehow things just fall into place. The audience loves us and it is easy to give them more and more… yet somewhere back in our minds there is this feeling of leaving our fellow improvisers behind. Some of us are the complete opposite: We stand at the side of the stage, ready to step in and support our fellow performers. We are happy to contribute something as a side-character and we feel great about adding to the action on stage. But often there is a doubt wether we may not be taking enough initiative ourselves.

What if we can find the perfect balance between both of those qualities? We can train our „solo-energy“, our strength to take up center stage and deliver a mind-blowing monologue or song. At the same time we can train our supportive side that helps us stay out of a scene when we are not needed or take on a role which is simply necessary for a scene to continue.

Using his sharp and on-point feedback skills, Jim Libby is going to guide you to finding this very balance and having fun in training a new set of skills.


Jim Libby

Jim Libby was born in Maine, USA, before moving to Vienna/Austria and continuing to work as an actor, director, writer and musician. As a performer in Vienna, Jim quickly established himself as an “all-rounder”: Stage, Film, Television, Voice-over, Music, and MC. His involvement in improvisational theatre began in earnest over 15 years ago as a founding member of the Vienna-based Impro-groups, The English Lovers (national Theatre Sports champions), and the urtheAter (n.T.S.c. 2002). Jim is widely recognized as a driving force in the European Impro-Theatre scene. As a creator and teacher of Impro himself, Jim is in great demand. He’s worked on the application of the ideologies of Impro: From the creation of theatre and performance, to team building, communication skills and more. He’s created a number of popular Impro-theatre forms. Jim also helped to create the first fully improvised radio drama for the BBC.

Jim Libby (Wien/Österreich) ist einer der bekanntesten Improtheaterspieler und -trainer in Europa. Einen besonderen Namen machte er sich als Mitbegründer der Rocket Sugar Factory, der English Lovers und mit seinem Engagement für Nachwuchs und die Entwicklung von Improvisation als Kunstform. Zu Projekten, an denen er maßgeblich beteiligt war, zählen unter anderem die Inzenierung von Zwischen frechem Volke, das erste voll improvisierte Performance-Stück, welches in das Repotoire eines Staatstheaters (Würzburg) übernommen wurde, das allererste voll improvisierte Radio Drama, A Time to Dance, für die BBC in London und die Regie für den ersten vollimprovisierten Spielfilm Österreichs Another One Opens.

So, 9. September 2018 um 10:30 Uhr

Steife Brise
Haubachstraße 80
22765 Hamburg