Conversations & work on topics that matter – Nathalie Van Renterghem (Leuven, Belgium)


Conversations & work on topics that matter

Instructor: Nathalie Van Renterghem (Leuven, Belgium)

For improvisers with at least Windstärke 3
In easy English

Saturday, 12th of January, 2019
from 10.30 p.m. till 5.30 p.m. (6 hours, including one hour of lunch-break)
Price: 115 euros

If you come from outside of Hamburg, we can help you find affordable accommodation.

Conversations & work on topics that matter
What do we want to tell as improvisors? How do we deal with delicate issues?  Do we avoid certain topics or do we dive into the hot soup and if so, how?

What can you do with your group to deal in your scenework with stereotypes, politicial topics, dilemma’s in society? In this workshop we explore some methods dor this by doing. Nathalie uses tools from Deep Democracy to dive under the waterline both in conversations you can have in your improvisation troupe as in your interaction with and play for the audience.

Nathalie Van Renterghem

Nathalie Van Renterghem
…is the co-founder of Inspinazie in Leuven/Belgium and has performed with this company for almost 25 years. Their regular shows include Keith Johnstone’s formats Maestro Impro™, Gorilla Theatre™ as well as many self-created longforms. Inspinazie also develops impro-performances dealing with themes such as diversity, change, feedback, dementia, etc. for companies and other clients. Nathalie applies improvisation in her work with companies and in the field of communication, creativity and personal development. She’s very much inspired by the theories of Viewpoints as well as Deep Democracy and loves to interweave all of the knowledge and insights she gained there in her improvisation principles and vice versa.


On Sunday, 14th of January 2018 Elke Janssen will teach her workshop „Embracing your Character“ (for improvisers with at least Windstärke 2 experience in improvisation), Where she helps you to really dive into your character, stick with it throughout the scene and gives you some help in transforming from you to someone else.

If you book both workshops on both days the workshop “Conversations & Topics that matter“ (Saturday) and the workshop „Embracing your character“ (Sunday) –  it will cost only 210 euros and we will also invite you to the WORLD Impro show with Inspinazie on Saturday, 12th of January 2019 at the

Sa, 12. Januar 2019 um 10:30 Uhr

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Haubachstraße 80
22765 Hamburg